Lirik Lagu Bapa Ku Persembahkan Tubuhku

Bapa Ku Persembahkan Tubuhku

Bapa Ku Persembahkan Tubuhku” is a deeply moving Indonesian Christian hymn, written and composed by an unknown author. This soul-stirring song holds immense significance in the hearts of believers, as it reflects their dedication and surrender to God. Let us delve into the meaning and emotions behind the powerful lyrics of this spiritual masterpiece.

Meaning of “Bapa Ku Persembahkan Tubuhku”

The title of this hymn, “Bapa Ku Persembahkan Tubuhku,” translates to “Father, I Offer My Body.” It encapsulates the essence of self-sacrifice and complete surrender to God’s will. The words express a desire to offer oneself entirely to the Heavenly Father, recognizing that our bodies are temples that should be consecrated to His service.

Original Lyrics

[Original lyrics in Indonesian]
Bapa ku persembahkan tubuhku
Nyatakanlah kehendakMu
Ajar aku Tetap setia dalam 
Satu langkah yang tertentu

Akulah korban yang kuduskan
Tuhan Allah Utama ku
Kekasih abadi ku
Menurut firmanMu.

Tak satupun duniaku bawa takhta adalah abadi.
Hanya atas tahta Mu 
Yang kekal selalu.
Ajar aku Tetap setia dalam Satu langkah yang tertentu

Akulah korban yang kuduskan,
Tuhan Allah Utama ku,
Kekasih abadi ku,
Menurut firmanMu.

Interpretation and Emotions

This hymn encompasses a powerful emotional journey as the lyrics reveal a fervent desire to align one’s life with God’s will. It speaks of a longing for spiritual growth and a genuine commitment to remain faithful in the path laid out by the Heavenly Father.

A Profound Act of Surrender

The phrase “Bapa ku persembahkan tubuhku” encapsulates a profound act of surrendering oneself to God. By offering our bodies, we symbolize our willingness to serve Him with all that we are physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A Call for Steadfastness

The hymn also emphasizes the importance of remaining steadfast in following God’s commandments. The line “Ajar aku Tetap setia dalam Satu langkah yang tertentu” serves as a reminder that faithfulness is not just temporary but rather an ongoing commitment that requires perseverance.

Recognizing God’s Eternal Sovereignty

Amidst the trials and tribulations of life, this song acknowledges that nothing in this world is lasting. It acknowledges that only God’s throne is eternal and unchanging. By recognizing His eternal sovereignty, believers find solace in entrusting their lives completely to Him.

In Conclusion

“Bapa Ku Persembahkan Tubuhku” conveys a profound message of surrender, steadfastness, and recognition of God’s eternal sovereignty. Through its powerful lyrics, this Indonesian Christian hymn moves listeners to reflect upon their own devotion and dedication to their Heavenly Father. It serves as an anthem for believers who wish to offer themselves wholeheartedly on the journey of faith.

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