Lirik Lagu Bila Kau Yang Membuka Pintu

Lirik Lagu Bila Kau Yang Membuka Pintu


Indonesia is a country rich in musical talent, and one song that has captured the hearts of many is “Bila Kau Yang Membuka Pintu.” This beautiful ballad showcases the depth of emotions conveyed through its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melody. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of this song, exploring its meaning and dissecting its poetic beauty.

The Lyrics

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the lyrics:

Bila kau yang membuka pintu
Kusambut engkau dengan tawa
Dalam hati ada rindu
Yang selalu melekat padamu

Dalam sepi ada arti
Kita bisa saling mengerti
Mengapa kau tak percaya?
Cinta ini kan abadi selamanya

Cinta ini kan bersemi
Seperti bunga yang mekar di pagi hari
Bagaimana diriku bisa hidup tanpa cintamu?
Terangi hidupku dengan senyumanmu

Aku bahagia saat bersamamu
Kasih sayangmu hadir dalam setiap langkahku
Hanya dirimu yang ku cinta
Takkan pernah berubah sampai akhir nanti

Tiada kata lain di bibirku selain namamu (oh kasih)
Jangan pernah ragukan cintaku padamu (oh sayang)
Hanya engkau yang terindah dalam hatiku (oh kasih)
Jangan pernah tinggalkan aku sendiri (oh sayang)

Repeat Reff:

Terangi hidupku dengan senyumanmu
Terangi hidupku dengan senyumanmu

Meaning and Emotion

“Bila Kau Yang Membuka Pintu” tells a story of love, longing, and the eternal nature of true love. The opening line, “Bila kau yang membuka pintu” (When you open the door), sets the stage for a blossoming romance. The lyrics evoke a sense of warmth and joy as the singer welcomes their beloved with laughter.

In the midst of solitude, there is meaning. The song emphasizes the importance of understanding between two individuals. The question posed in the lyrics, “Mengapa kau tak percaya?” (Why don’t you believe?), highlights the desire for everlasting love that will endure through time.

The Beauty in Simplicity

The composition of “Bila Kau Yang Membuka Pintu” beautifully showcases simplicity in both its lyrics and melody. The repetitive chorus symbolizes an unchanging love that remains steadfast throughout life’s journey. This simplicity enhances its relatability and emotional impact on listeners.

A Declaration of Love

The bridge section expresses an unwavering devotion to one’s beloved. With lines like “Tiada kata lain di bibirku selain namamu” (No other words on my lips but your name) and “Jangan pernah tinggalkan aku sendiri” (Never leave me alone), it becomes clear that this song is a declaration of deep affection.


“Bila Kau Yang Membuka Pintu” is more than just a song – it’s a heartfelt expression of love and devotion. Through its simple yet powerful lyrics, this ballad resonates with listeners who have experienced the euphoria and vulnerability of being in love. The emotional journey conveyed within its verses is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens.

Next time you find yourself craving a musical experience that tugs at your heartstrings, don’t hesitate to give “Bila Kau Yang Membuka Pintu” a listen. It’s a song that uplifts the spirit and reminds us of the everlasting power of love.