Lirik Lagu Kau Tuhan Yang Benar

Lirik Lagu “Kau Tuhan Yang Benar”


Indonesia is a nation rich in musical heritage, with artists and bands across the country bringing their unique sounds to the forefront. One such artist is [Artist Name], who has captured the hearts of listeners with their powerful song “Kau Tuhan Yang Benar.” In this article, we will delve into the depths of this song and explore its profound lyrics and meaning.

The Lyrics

“Kau Tuhan Yang Benar” is a beautiful composition that resonates deep within the souls of its listeners. The lyrics are filled with heartfelt expressions of faith, gratitude, and reverence towards God. Let’s take a closer look at some excerpts from this soul-stirring masterpiece:

Kau tak mengenal apa namanya dusta
Segala perkara jujur pada-Mu
Masa lalu dan masa depan
Semua terbuka di hadapan-Mu

Di dalam-Mu aku ada damai
Tiada yang bisa menandingi-Mu
Oh Tuhan yang benar dan maha tahu
Aku bersandar pada kasih-Mu


Kasih setia-Mu tak terhingga
Lebih dalam dari samudera biru
Sungguh Engkau s'gala-galanya bagiku
Satukan hatiku dengan hatiMu

Di atas langit ku persaksikan kuasaMu berkuasa selamanya
Engkaulah kebenaran yang hakiki
Ajarilah kami hidup sesuai firmanMu


The Meaning

The lyrics of “Kau Tuhan Yang Benar” encapsulate profound spiritual truths and a deep sense of devotion towards God. The song emphasizes the beauty of honesty and the all-encompassing knowledge that God possesses.

The line “Kau tak mengenal apa namanya dusta” expresses the idea that God is pure and cannot be associated with lies or deception. It highlights the importance of living a truthful life before Him.

The lyrics also acknowledge God’s omnipresence and omniscience, stating “Segala perkara jujur pada-Mu, Masa lalu dan masa depan, Semua terbuka di hadapan-Mu.” These words portray the belief that everything is laid bare before God, past, present, and future. He knows all and nothing can be hidden from Him.

The song further emphasizes the profound peace that comes from being in God’s presence with the lines “Di dalam-Mu aku ada damai” and “Tiada yang bisa menandingi-Mu.” It conveys the idea that true peace can only be found in Him, as nothing can compare to His greatness.

Expressions of gratitude are also present in this composition, with lyrics such as “Kasih setia-Mu tak terhingga” and “Lebih dalam dari samudera biru.” These lines convey an overwhelming sense of appreciation for God’s infinite love and faithfulness.


“Kau Tuhan Yang Benar” is more than just a song; it is a spiritual journey that resonates deeply with listeners. Its lyrics beautifully depict faith, honesty, gratitude, and reverence towards God. Through its profound expressions of devotion, this composition serves as a reminder to align our lives with His word and seek solace in His presence.

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