Lirik Lagu Opick Andai Waktu Memanggil

Lirik Lagu Opick Andai Waktu Memanggil

I. Introduction

Opick, one of Indonesia’s most renowned Islamic musicians, has brought us countless beautiful and spiritually uplifting melodies over the years. Today, we will delve into the depths of his soul-stirring song, “Andai Waktu Memanggil” (If Time Calls), and explore the profound message it carries.

II. The Lyrics

Andai waktu memanggil
Ku ingin berlari kepadanya
Tapi aku masih punya waktu
Untuk bertaubat dan bersedekah

Kulihat udara di pagi yang cerah
Matahari bersinar terik sekali
Namun hatiku pilu jauh dalam hati
Menyadari hidup tak abadi

Sesungguhnya hidup hanyalah titipan-Nya
Tak pernah tahu kapan akan dipanggil pulang
Ingatlah semua amal perbuatan kita

Andai waktu memanggil kita semua…

Ayo nikmati hidup seutuhnya
Seperti matahari yang selalu bersinar terik
Jangan sia-siakan hari yang masih ada ini
Bertasbihlah untuk sang Khalik

Sesungguhnya hidup hanyalah titipan-Nya... (2x)

Dan hari ini juga aku bersyahadat,
Tiga kali untukmu Allah…
Agar senantiasa ku diberi kesabaran,
Dalam menapaki jalanan-Mu

Sesungguhnya hidup hanyalah titipan-Nya... (2x)

Bertasbihlah untuk sang Khalik…

III. The Meaning

In “Andai Waktu Memanggil,” Opick takes us on a journey of self-reflection and contemplation. The song begins with an acknowledgment of the inevitability of time’s call, symbolizing the transient nature of human existence. It urges us to cherish our remaining time by seeking repentance and engaging in acts of charity.

The lyrics then draw our attention to the vibrant morning air and the scorching sun, creating a stark contrast to the melancholic tone that follows. Opick reminds us that despite the beauty and vitality surrounding us, our hearts may still be burdened by the awareness that life is fleeting.

The refrain encapsulates the core message of the song – life is merely a trust bestowed upon us, and none can predict when we will be called back into the embrace of eternity. It calls for introspection into our deeds, urging us to remember that every action has its consequences.

IV. Embracing Life

Opick’s poignant lyrics implore us to live life to its fullest potential, just like the blazing sun shining relentlessly in the sky. He encourages us not to squander each precious day that we are blessed with but rather seize every moment as an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Besides emphasizing personal reflection, “Andai Waktu Memanggil” calls for devotion towards Allah. It reminds listeners to constantly glorify their Creator through acts of worship, recognizing that this is an integral part of living a purposeful existence.

V. Conclusion

“Andai Waktu Memanggil” is a heartfelt reminder of the transient nature of life and the importance of making the most out of every moment. Opick’s introspective lyrics leave a lasting impact, serving as a catalyst for self-improvement and spiritual awakening.

Through this song, Opick inspires listeners to reflect on their actions, embody gratitude, and live a life that is aligned with their inner values. It is an invitation to embrace life’s uncertainties and strive for spiritual fulfillment in every breath we take.

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