Lirik Lagu Suci Suci Suci Allah Maha Kuasa

Lirik Lagu Suci Suci Suci Allah Maha Kuasa


Music has the power to touch our souls, unite communities, and invoke a sense of spirituality. One such song that carries a deep spiritual message is “Suci Suci Suci Allah Maha Kuasa.” In this article, we will explore the meaning and significance of this divine composition.

The Essence of “Suci Suci Suci Allah Maha Kuasa”

The lyrics of “Suci Suci Suci Allah Maha Kuasa” encapsulate the unblemished purity and mightiness of God. This powerful composition beautifully captures the essence of devotion and reverence towards the Almighty.

Lirik (Lyrics) of “Suci Suci Suci Allah Maha Kuasa”

Sucinya Engkau Tuhan
Cantik rupa-Mu
Luhur di dalam surgawi
Tak ada banding-Mu

Kupandang wajah-Mu yang suci
Kuterpesona akan anugerah-Mu
Kusyuk berlutut saat menyembah-Mu
Hormat dan puji bagi nama-Mu

Yerusalem s'lamat kedatangan-Nya
Kristus Raja Mulia datanglah pada-Mu

Berjalan di jalan penuh kesucian
Langkahkan kaki dengan pasrah hati

Berbicara dengan suara teduh-Nya
Tingkatkan imanku dalam hidup ini

Singkap tabir kehadiran-Mu
Menyinari dunia bagai padanan cahaya yang redup

Di atas tahtamu Engkau duduk Mahakudus
Dalam pujian abadi kami menyembah-Mu

Sucinya Engkau Tuhan
Cantik rupa-Mu
Luhur di dalam surgawi
Tak ada banding-Mu

Exploring the Meaning Behind the Lyrics

The opening verse, “Sucinya Engkau Tuhan, Cantik rupa-Mu,” reverberates with the recognition of God’s holiness and divine beauty. It magnifies the splendor and perfection of the Almighty.

The second verse, “Luhur di dalam surgawi, Tak ada banding-Mu,” acknowledges God’s exalted position in heavenly realms and emphasizes that there is no equal to Him. This line establishes a sense of reverence and awe towards His presence.

Anugerah (Grace) and Penyembahan (Worship)

One of the central themes in this song is gratitude for God’s grace and unmerited favor. The lyrics express mesmerization towards His blessings: “Kupandang wajah-Mu yang suci, Kuterpesona akan anugerah-Mu.” These lines articulate a profound appreciation for His divine benevolence.

The chorus focuses on worship, humility, and adoration: “Kusyuk berlutut saat menyembah-Mu, Hormat dan puji bagi nama-Mu.” It highlights the act of bowing down in reverence while giving honor and praise to His glorious name.

The Journey Towards Spiritual Enlightenment

“Suci Suci Suci Allah Maha Kuasa” not only celebrates God’s purity but also invites listeners to embark on a sacred journey towards spiritual enlightenment. The lyrics encourage walking on a path of purity and surrendering one’s heart completely: “Berjalan di jalan penuh kesucian, Langkahkan kaki dengan pasrah hati.”

Furthermore, the song emphasizes the importance of nurturing a personal relationship with God through prayer: “Berbicara dengan suara teduh-Nya, Tingkatkan imanku dalam hidup ini.” These lines encourage believers to seek solace in communicating with Him and to strengthen their faith in every aspect of life.

The Divine Presence and Eternal Adoration

The bridge section paints a vivid picture of God’s presence illuminating the world: “Singkap tabir kehadiran-Mu, Menyinari dunia bagai padanan cahaya yang redup.” It conveys the idea that His glory radiates through the darkness and brings hope to all corners of existence.

The final verse describes God’s ultimate position as the Holy One enthroned: “Di atas tahtamu Engkau duduk Mahakudus, Dalam pujian abadi kami menyembah-Mu.” This verse reminds us of our eternal duty to worship and revere Him unceasingly.


“Suci Suci Suci Allah Maha Kuasa” is a profound spiritual composition that invites us to acknowledge and marvel at God’s holiness. Its lyrics awaken devotion within our hearts, urging us to walk on a path of purity, communicate with Him fervently, and honor His name. Through this song, we discover the beauty of divine grace and the everlasting significance of worshiping the Almighty.

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