Lirik Lagu Tuhan Yesus Sungguh Baik

When it comes to spiritual songs, “Lirik Lagu Tuhan Yesus Sungguh Baik” stands out as a powerful and uplifting hymn that resonates with millions of people around the world. With its heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring melody, this Indonesian song beautifully expresses the goodness and grace of Jesus Christ.

The Lyrics

Let’s dive into the lyrics of this beautiful song:

Tuhan Yesus sungguh baik
Kasih-Nya melimpah selalu
Kasihanilah kami Tuhan
Bimbinglah langkah hidup kami

Dalam kesadaran kami pujilah
Engkau yang tahu segala hati kami
Dengan sukacita sembah nama-Mu
Sampai akhir hidupku di dunia ini

Terang hidup kami datang dari-Mu
Yang memberi damai sejahtera abadi 
Bintang pengharapan bersinar terang
Hanya di dalam kasihMu selamanya 

Walau lemah dan sering berdosa 
Kau tetap mengasihi dan memaafkan 
Hidup ini tempat pengenalan akan diriMu 
Tempat pertobatan dan kasih yang nyata

Tuhan Yesus sungguh baik 
Kasih-Nya melimpah selalu 
Kasihanilah kami Tuhan 
Bimbinglah langkah hidup kami

Menjaga hati dengan firman-Mu, Tuhan,
Mengutus Roh-Mu untuk mengajar dan membimbing,
Terima kasih atas anugrah-Mu,
Kepada-Mu kuberikan segalanya.

Appreciating God’s Goodness

“Lirik Lagu Tuhan Yesus Sungguh Baik” is a song of gratitude and deep appreciation for the goodness of God. The lyrics remind us that Jesus Christ is truly good, and His love and grace are abundant in our lives. It is through His mercy that we find guidance and direction in our journey.

The song encourages us to praise God with full awareness of His presence and understanding of our hearts. In this genuine act of worship, we find joy and fulfillment that lasts until the end of our earthly life.

The Light in Our Lives

One of the most powerful aspects of this hymn is its acknowledgment that the light in our lives comes from Jesus Christ. He is the source of peace, eternal well-being, and hope. It is through His love that we experience true illumination.

The lyrics beautifully depict Jesus as the shining star of hope. In His love, we find everlasting brightness and warmth. This recognition brings comfort to those who may feel weak or burdened by their sins, assuring them that Jesus’ love remains constant, forgiving, and all-encompassing.

A Place for Transformation

This spiritual hymn emphasizes how life becomes a platform for knowing oneself better through encounters with Jesus Christ. Life is a place where repentance takes place, where real love exists. It reminds us that despite our weaknesses and tendency to sin, God’s love will always be present.


“Lirik Lagu Tuhan Yesus Sungguh Baik” is a deeply moving hymn that celebrates the goodness of God manifested through Jesus Christ’s boundless love and grace. Through its heartfelt lyrics, it encourages believers to appreciate His presence in their lives, find strength in His light, and embrace transformation through repentance.

As we sing these words, may they serve as a reminder of the unwavering love and goodness of Jesus Christ, guiding us on our spiritual journey and filling our hearts with gratitude.

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