Lirik Lagu Tuhan Yesus Baik Dia Baik Bagiku

Lirik Lagu “Tuhan Yesus Baik Dia Baik Bagiku”


The song “Tuhan Yesus Baik Dia Baik Bagiku” is a beautiful Indonesian worship song that highlights the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus Christ. With heartfelt lyrics and a captivating melody, this song has touched the hearts of many believers, reminding them of God’s love and grace in their lives. In this article, we will dive into the profound meaning behind the lyrics and explore why this song has resonated with so many individuals.

Verse 1: Mengenal Kasih-Mu

The first verse of “Tuhan Yesus Baik Dia Baik Bagiku” invites listeners to experience the depth of God’s love. It encourages believers to seek a personal connection with Jesus and gain an understanding of His loving nature. The lyrics remind us that Jesus is not only good but also intimately involved in our lives, caring for us in ways that surpass human comprehension.

As we delve into the meaning behind these words, it becomes evident that the songwriter desires to convey the profound impact of knowing God’s love—how it transforms our lives and brings us closer to Him.

Chorus: Tak Ada Sebanding

The chorus of this powerful worship song emphasizes the incomparable greatness of God’s goodness. It proclaims that there is nothing in this world that can compare to His love and faithfulness towards His people. Through these words, we are reminded that no matter what circumstances we face, God’s goodness remains unwavering.

It is important to note that the usage of uncommon terminology such as “sebanding” contributes to the originality and lyrical brilliance of the composition. These words create a unique listening experience, enhancing the overall impact of the song.

Verse 2: Relakan Segalanya

In the second verse, “Tuhan Yesus Baik Dia Baik Bagiku” encourages listeners to surrender everything to God. The lyrics express the desire to let go of worldly attachments and completely trust in God’s goodness and guidance. This surrender is seen as an act of faith and an acknowledgment that Jesus knows what is best for us.

By choosing such profound words, the songwriter stimulates deep reflection on our relationship with God, reminding us of the importance of trusting in His wisdom and plans for our lives.

Bridge: Terimakasih Kar’na Kasih-Mu

The bridge section of this song serves as a moment of gratitude. It acknowledges God’s love and our response to it. The lyrics express sincere appreciation for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and His enduring love that has transformed lives.

This section allows listeners to reflect on their personal journey with God, expressing gratitude for His unending grace and mercy. By incorporating a bridge in this composition, the songwriter adds depth and variety to the song structure, capturing listeners’ attention even further.

Closing Thoughts

“Tuhan Yesus Baik Dia Baik Bagiku” is an Indonesian worship song that carries a powerful message about God’s goodness and faithfulness. Through its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody, it has become a source of inspiration and comfort for many believers.

The rich use of language throughout this song contributes to its unique quality, making it both engaging and thought-provoking. As we immerse ourselves in its lyrics, we are reminded of the immeasurable love that Jesus has for us—a love that surpasses any earthly comparison.

Let this beautiful song serve as a reminder of God’s goodness in your life and a call to surrender everything to Him. May its melodies continue to inspire and uplift your spirit, drawing you closer to the remarkable love of Jesus Christ.